Experimental Organic Geochemistry Laboratory


Summer visit in China

June 2019

Experimental Organic Geochemistry Lab
Clean Chemistry Lab

Qi Fu visited China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China Geological Survey, Petroleum Exploration & Production Research Institute (SINOPEC), and Shandong University of Science and Technology, for educational and research collaboration.

Keynote Presentation to NASA High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS)

June 9 2019

Qi Fu gave a keynote presentation to high school juniors, titled “Life on Mars?”, for NASA HAS program

Seminar Talk at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Mar 27 2019

Qi Fu gave a presentation at LDEO Geochemistry Seminar, titled “Experimental assessment of reaction pathways in organic reactions: Implications for generation and transformation of light hydrocarbons”

Undergraduate Research Day 2018

Oct 18 2018

Undergraduate student Haley Thomas gave a presentation on her summer research, titled “Tracking the Development of Hydrocarbons on the Surface of Magnetite”

Goldschmidt Conference 2018

Aug 12-17 2018

Experimental Study of Generation Kinetics for Abiotic Methane in Hydrothermal Systems       Qi Fu et al
Oil and Gas Formation Under Organic-Inorganic Interaction in Crust-Mantle System       Quanyou Liu et al
Assessing Effects of Sulfate Minerals on Petroleum Generation in Sedimentary Basins Using Hydrous Pyrolysis: I. Light alkanes       Xueze Chen et al

Seminar Talk by Dr. Shuhei Ono (MIT)

Jan 26 2018

Title: Clumped Isotopologue (13CH3D) to Identify Sources of Methane in the Geologic Environment

AGU Fall Meeting 2017

Dec 11-15 2017

Oral Presentation: Experimental Assessment of Carbon Isotopes of Light Hydrocarbons under Different Redox Conditions.       Qi Fu & Xueze Chen

GSA Annual Meeting 2017

Oct 22-25 2017

Visiting Ph.D. student Faizan Ahmad (University of Peshawar, Pakistan) received "Student Travel Grant" to attend the GSA 129th Annual Meeting, 2017, and gave an oral presentation titled "Geochemical Characterization of the Cambrian-Eocene Hydrocarbon Source Rocks In the Indus Basin, Pakistan"

Qi Fu: NSF CAREER Award 2017

June 12 2017

Qi Fu has received a five-year, $516,575 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to pursue the study of how organic compounds are formed in hydrothermal environments on the sea floor.

Student Research Day Presentation

Apr 27 2017

Assessing effects of sulfate minerals on gas generation in shale using hydrous pyrolysis.       Xueze Chen

Geochemical characteristics of Monterey Formation Santa Maria Basin.       Bingyi Zhao