DZ Mix Software

DZmix is designed to implement rapid, accurate Monte Carlo inverse and forward unmixing of detrital geochronology data; yielding an estimate of the percent contribution of a number of potential sediment sources to a mixed sample age population. Input data are ages and uncertainties from a mixed sample and potential source samples. The core of the software is two Monte Carlo methods of applying random weightings to source samples and retaining those models that best match the mixed sample. Comparison between the mixed sample age population and model age population is based on the Cross-correlation coefficient, Kuiper V statistic, and Kolmogorov-Smirnov D statistic. The results of Monte Carlo inverse modeling can be used in a second step to constrain a forward optimization to determine a single best-fitting model.

Before using DZmix, you must run the MCRInstaller, available at the link below. You may also need to run the Windows Visual C++ redistributable package before running the MCRInstaller or DZmix. Currently, DZmix only runs on Windows operating systems and has only been tested on Windows 7. Slow calculation High model trials (n = 100,000) can overwhelm some computers' memories, resulting in increasingly slow calculation. In this case, increase the Cross-correlation cutoff values and decrease the KS and Kuiper cutoff values to retain fewer of the trials in memory.