Dr. Paul Mann
Information For Undergraduate Students

UH undergraduate opportunities. I have two types of undergraduates working for our projects. One type is engaged in support work such as scanning, making maps in GIS, or updating reference lists. The other type is conducting research projects that could be used as part of a senior thesis project (if you meet those criteria established UH which would include a good GPA). If you don't meet those criteria then the goal is to present the results at a national meeting and possibly publish the results. Some of our undergraduates of the second type are conducting work that is equivalent to a MS degree.

Visit us! The best way to see if this program is a good fit for you is to visit us in person here at UH. Please contact me or plan a one or two day visit to UH to discuss how you might develop your topic into a UH thesis or dissertation study. We can arrange for you to stay with one of the grad students working on a topic that may interest you (see list of current graduate students.