Dr. Paul Mann
Information For Post-doctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral opportunities: I am also looking for post-docs to hire for our industry consortium that is focused on a regional synthesis of the Caribbean and southern Gulf of Mexico (cf. web page at http://cbth.uh.edu/index.php). Since this project mainly deals with subsurface data (seismic, wells) and regional geology/tectonics, expertise in both areas is required. The duration of the post-doctoral position is two years. My expectations for post-docs include that they are completely self-motivated and are able to devise their own research program within the confines of our data and mandate from the industry sponsors. Their work is expected to satisfy both the goals of the project but also be publishable in leading journals.

Visit us! The best way to see if this program is a good fit for you is to visit us in person here at UH. Please contact me or plan a one or two day visit to UH.